Rex Sly - A brief history

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Rex Sly - Fenland Historian & Author

I was born in the Fens the son of a farmer whose lineage in farming here goes back to the 17th century. At the age of 60, when most people are contemplate retiring I decided to venture on a part time career change, writing. I am still very involved in farming with my son and when harvest and autumn cultivations finish, I have time to research and write in the winter months. That is until the spring arrives and the farming cycle starts once again. The fens are my birthplace, my workplace, my playground and like my ancestors will be my burial ground. It is this ingrained passion for the fens passed down from my forebears which drives me to unravel its history and its people.

My Books

My first book "From Punt to Plough" was published in 2003 followed by "Fenland Families" in 2007 and "Soil in their Souls" in 2010. They all feature my homeland, the fens of Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. As well as the fens themselves I am fascinated by their hinter-land, "the fen edge", which is the subject of my new book "Exploring the Fen Edge" along the Roman Car Dyke.

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The sun appears with warming glow from that distant sphere,
a different world to ours it is, so far and yet so near;
At first a glint, then a flash of amber flame, tinged with blues and greys,
to wake the humans in the fen and send them on their ways.
- Rex Sly

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