Fen Sunset

The Fens

Our fathers father worked this land and his fathers father too;
We're farmers drainers countrymen and Fenmen through and through;
We've fought the Romans and the Danes and the French men many times,
We've battled against the elements to quell Crowland abbeys chimes. ( ref - Danger Bell )
We've mastered wind and rain, we've controlled the floods and tides,
Tempests storms and cyclones, and snow and ice besides;
We've moulded this flat land into to what it is today,
A jewel in the farming world to everyone's dismay.

However, for what we have achieved let us not forget,
The skies remain the same, but Mother Nature is our threat;
The skies above us cloud our minds, and the breaking of the dawn,
All help to pacify, that never ending call.
I know one day she will again return for mere and marsh,
To claim her prize she did once lose to the fenmen of the past,
We owe it to adventurers, to engineers and drainers,
To Bishops Deans and priests, who pray that God will save us.

"Water loves it,s own way", Mother Nature fired that shot,
But embedded in a fenmans mind, his conscience tells him NOT;
Water once ran downhill until he changed it's mind,
He taught it to obey him, with laws of his own kind.
God himself did give us the basics for this land,
But the creation of this kingdom has been the fenmen's hand;
Compliancy must never rule, a threat is always there
This land that is so precious must remain in fenmans care.

Another threat to this flat land besides the floods and tides,
Are houses roads and living space that man himself requires;
His quest for conservation may well in time destroy,
The very land he drained to live in, and become his other toy.
They come in droves to live here fen buried beneath their homes,
New roads for them to speed along, a destruction of our loams;
Man requires more living space a fact we must uphold,
He makes his laws to suit himself at costs sometimes untold.

( ref - The danger bell last rung during the 1947 floods, previously 1880 )